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What are Visiion Points?

Visiion Reward Points are exclusive reward points that Visiion offers to all its clients upon signing up and creating an account. You can use Visiion Reward Points to pay trading fees on the exchange while trading via our platform.

How To Claim $500 Worth Visiion Reward Points?

The Visiion Points are only available to new users. After registration, please remember to complete all the tasks to earn up to 500 Visiion Points

  • Task 1: Sign-Up Bonus: Get $10 worth of Visiion Reward Points when you register with Visiion.
  • Task 2: Identity Verification Bonus: Verify your ID within 2 days of signing up and earn an additional $20 in Visiion Reward Points.
  • Task 3: Deposit Bonus: Add at least $1,000 to your account within 7 days of verifying your identity and earn $50 in Visiion Reward Points.
  • Task 4: Trading Bonus: If you trade $400,000 or more within your first 30 days, you'll earn $420 in Visiion Reward Points.

For further details, contact support@visiion.io

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